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The Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA) is a government run secondary school for artistically talented children. It implements a special secondary education curriculum aimed at training and honing future artists and cultural leaders. Aside from academic and artistic training, PHSA provides students with opportunities to develop their social skills, contributing to their development as artists for others.

The Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholars (ANSYAS) is the yearly screening of incoming Grade 7 applicants to the Philippine High School for the Arts to identify and award scholarships to artistically talented children from all over the country. Applicants go through an audition and examination process under the supervision of audition masters to determine their skills and talent, as well as their
scholastic standing.


The successful applicant is awarded free tuition, board and lodging (except during weekends), classes with master teachers, monthly stipend the chance to represent school and country in international festivals, competitions, and exchange programs. The scholarship grant is renewable every year for six (6) consecutive school years, upon satisfaction of academic and non academic requirements.


To be eligible for scholarship, an applicant must:

 be a Filipino citizen with no pending application as immigrant to any foreign country
 be a Grade 6 pupil at the time of application
 not be older than thirteen (13) years upon enrollment in August of the upcoming school year
 pass the audition and interview
 be physically and mentally fit

For additional information, please contact:

The Office of the ANSYAS Committee at 0917-8663097

The Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholars (ANSYAS)
Philippine High School for the Arts
National Arts Center, Mt. Makiling, College 4031, Laguna