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PHSA envisions a nation nurtured by the people's pride in their artistic and cultural traditions and a national center for excellence and leadership in the arts, research, training, education and support system.


PHSA aims to develop artistically gifted and talented students by implementing a special secondary education curriculum and support programs committed to the conservation and promotion of the Filipino artistic and cultural traditions.


PHSA is committed to the development of artistically talented and globally competitive students and future cultural leaders by providing quality secondary education and intensive artistic training in the field of creative writing, dance, music, theater and visual arts. The provision of quality service is foremost to PHSA. To uphold this commitment, the school shall:

  • Institute an environment conducive to comprehensive, cooperative, and culture-based education;
  • Build strong relationships with clients and community partners;
  • Assess performance indicators to continually identify areas for improvement;
  • Respect the age, gender, health, socio-economic, racial, and religious concerns of the people;
  • Adhere to the requirements of the Philippine integrated system of education and other government regulatory bodies and stakeholders;
  • Nurture the spirit of excellence and sense of patriotism among the students and the employees;
  • Generate and synthesize programs and projects ensuring inclusive and quality education for all as well as promoting lifelong learning.